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written by owen on 2006-Nov-24.

On friday at 3 oclock the clock tower in Half-Way-Tree rang out over the wet, densely packed traffic filled street of my cold little island. Its was a familar or even expected sound that didn't phase me as much as it did the old man. He looked up at it puzzled. Fly in his plaid shirt and his hair was all gray, he hadn't heard it ring in over 30 years. He turned to look up at it as if it was a second coming, a mysterious flying octopus or an erect wii. I didn't not stop to question him further, my lunch break was already up and I had to navigate my way down between the cars that were parked in the intersection.

All the lights where on green and everybody was going nowhere at the same time. I stop by the back of York Pharmacy to charge my "Smart Card" bus pass while watching the shorties walk by. I had used it all on my last trip because I am sans car. The bus terminus in front of Mother's was already packed with schoolers and the lazy the people that are lucky enough to leave work early. I did not see any that I know, I know a few. Most were wrapped in winter coats.

The street is still filled with poddles of water as I navigate the crowd of people, standing sans bus - hurrying to get to their respective plots of land. I won't be one of the them as I find my way back to the office like a bird finds her way back to the nest - things to do. I approach another intersection, just as packed as the one before sans clock. The people are less now, as if I've passed through a swarm of bees. The cars mock me as I walk by.

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  1. I'm glad I escaped the traffic, I heard it was terrible! I went to Utech to collect my exam card at about 2:00 and had to cancell all my business i had after that due to the rain, I just had to make my way down the river to my office. Good thing I did!

    by Stunner 2006-Nov-24 

  2. I love rainy season. In theory. I hate the dirty water. The mud. The mess. In the rain there is a definate hierarchy: walk foot lesser than in public transp. passengers lesser than drivers. Car lesser than SUV. I hate losing the leather soles of my shoes to puddles. I hate traffic.

    Did they fix the bell in the clock? I ain never heard it ring!

    by Island Spice 2006-Nov-25 

  3. yeah, it seems that way. I will have to listen for it next time.

    by owen 2006-Nov-25 

  4. Yes the traffic was nasty yesterday. A 20 minute trip took me two hours.

    by Monique 2006-Nov-25 

  5. Monique! sup? ltns

    by owen 2006-Nov-25 

  6. Nice little write Owen!

    by doctord 2006-Nov-25 

  7. traffic was hell. i think that when it rains, everyone in kingston just goes and sits in their cars. as no matter how quiet the roads are before the rain, the minute it starts cars appear from everywhere!

    by Kingston Girl 2006-Nov-27 

  8. it was a triple threat: its friday, it was raining, and it was cold.

    by owen 2006-Nov-27 

  9. Been there, done that...

    by mad bull 2006-Nov-29 

  10. You know, I love this post. It has a ring of poetry to it. Only one question. How do you know that the man had not heard the clock ring in over 30 years.

    by Mad Bull 2010-Aug-01 

  11. by the shock on his face when it rang, lol

    by owen 2010-Aug-01