1. It already dey ya...the world is always inna revolution. It's just not here (as in physically in our location) rite now

    by Simplenigma 2006-Nov-04 

  2. I think the end is near!

    by Stunner 2006-Nov-04 

  3. What? Come on, Stunner! If the end is really near, why bother find a new apartment? It will all soon be over anyway, whay not just chill and enjoy yourself?
    Me I don't think the end is near at all, unless you're speaking about the Iinternet. See:

    by Mad Bull 2006-Nov-05 

  4. what do we need a revolution from? everything is quiet and cozey. There will always be wars in the middle east, crazy busy and ugly babies.

    by owen 2006-Nov-05 

  5. yes.
    If things go on the way they are we will destroy ourselves. Soon good people will have had enough.

    by gods child 2006-Nov-05 

  6. Something is definitely near. We are in a massive transitional phase. The Lord is preparing his people.

    by faith 2007-Mar-01