1. what???

    by owen 2006-Oct-31 

  2. let's html
    it might be fun
    I think your html might be better than most

    by Gods Child 2006-Nov-01 

  3. yeah, but I don't just get up and html with anybody and everybody just so. how expirenced are at html-ing?

    by owen 2006-Nov-01 

  4. not very.
    I only know a thing or two.
    I can be bold if I want to.

    by Gods Child 2006-Nov-01 

  5. I know all things HTML, lucky for you. Just tell me what you want to do and I'll make your dreams come true.

    by owen 2006-Nov-02 

  6. I want to explore more
    Try html every which way
    On the sofa, in the kitchen,
    at the beach--no strings,er wires, attached
    I think you can make it possible.

    I want to change my mind, or not
    speak my piece <b>oldly
    scream, shout, dance about
    but if you don't feel the same
    let me down easy. . .
    <br>eak it to me gently

    by Gods Child 2006-Nov-02 

  7. I've been teaching for a long time. I know what you want. I don't do this often, but I want it just as much as you.
    We'll begin with the basics the <body>, the <head> and the <table>. No <p>s, no <styles> to confuse. Consummate with <strong> <em> on <form> and <input>.

    by owen 2006-Nov-02 

  8. heh he he hmmm ha ha

    by alex 2006-Nov-03 

  9. Html. What does WTB 98 civic HB for 450 mean? Ok, I understand most of it, but whats WTB?

    by mad bull 2006-Oct-31 

  10. willing to buy or something like that

    by owen 2006-Oct-31 

  11. If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?

    by Island Spice 2006-Nov-01 

  12. No sah! You'd have to do a lot more than just lay there

    by Mad Bull 2006-Nov-01 

  13. Ok then, seems everybody's gone mad, ohh the humanity, the sky is falling!

    by Tami 2006-Nov-02 

  14. stop being a killjoy t, Can't You Feel the Love?

    by owen 2006-Nov-13 

  15. Owen Soft! are we breaking up??
    Not that I care mind you, just that it'd be nice if for once you shared this information with me. yea me.. u know the one u committed to before u go html-ing all over cyber-r$$-space.

    by Island Spice 2006-Nov-02 

  16. html is open source. Don't treat me like a puppet on a string.

    by owen 2006-Nov-02 

  17. you had me at hello...

    by jimbo 2006-Nov-02