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written by owen on 2006-Oct-08.

Sometimes people just go crazy and they don't feel so good. Or gravity stops working for just a tiny second and all the cars go flying up into the air like rising stars. But you don't care because you not watching. Hopefully one doesn't fall and take you down, six underground, bring you closer to god.

I navigate imaginary mine fields. God show me the way. You may think the whole world has gone crazy but in truth and in fact, it has always been crazy. The difference now is that all you have to do is turn on the tv and you get a fresh cup of crazy brought right into the safety of your home. Like pizza. Everybody is trying to "OUT-CRAZY" everybody else. The last time I visited Iraq (on my television) it seemed really crazy but the tour guides (on my television) seem to think that it was way more CRAZIER last year. So the craziness of the world at anyone point is dependent on what channel your watching and the size of your tv. On a small television it looks really crazy. Get a bigger tele.

I've done that a couple of times. I don't know, maybe the thrill of the chase gets lost after the first date. The urge to continue the pursuit is over shadowed by more profitable interests, monkeys and little packets of ketchup. The stock market takes a dive. Sometimes your just not in "go" mode and you just fall a sleep and by the time you realise it your late for work. Our destiny is set.

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  1. My feet hurt. I wore these high heels to make my legs look long. You parked a mile downhill from the party. You could have dropped me off. Thank goodness for vodka. Makes me forget what a dolt you are. Another screwdriver please, as I drain my plastic cup and my heels sink into the lawn. I wish this night would end. In the car you are suddenly affectionate. Your breath stinks of rum. I concentrate on my hands in my lap. Counting the seconds till I get home. Our destiny is set.

    by Island Spice 2006-Oct-08 

  2. You're right, it is a crzy, crazy world!

    Hey Owen, you once asked why I didn't post some of my pics. Well I decided to since I got my new camera. Check it out at

    by Stunner 2006-Oct-09 

  3. @stunner ok, as long as you don't start posting pictures of flower blossoms and rain drops on a window.

    @spice I am usually more cautious when I pick up women at AA meetings but I was on my lunch break and just happened to be at the venue. Sad to say though, I didn't remember that there was liquor on the back of the menu. They will never let me back into the restaraunt, not now, not again. I liked it there too, they treated me well. I didn't want to be seen, as you staggered out of my car, not now, not yet. I told everyone that we met on the way to the party. Our destiny is set.

    by owen 2006-Oct-09 

  4. Crazy is out, sexy is in

    by Kash 2006-Oct-10 

  5. Bastard! Do you need instructions? Is that what it is? Want me to sound it out for you? F_ck. Me. Heels. Oui papa!? You were right K, crazy is out, sexy is in but someone needs to buy a vowel to figure it out. Sorry about the restaurant baby, seemed like a good idea at the time. You know how I love dessert. Everybody needs a lil sweet. Our destiny is set.

    by Island Spice 2006-Oct-10 

  6. Can I play too? After all, I'm not having any fun here in this box. Give me a chance nuh? Cho man! There is the spaceship, right there. Its just hovering there above us all. Oh, look, its getting lower... now its right above our heads... Look, an opening is appearing right above us! What do you think will happen? Aaarrrggghhhh! Voices! Everywhere! All kinds of jumbled, disembodied voices! Talking all kinds of sh_t too! None of it makes sense! So I went looking for her. It took long to find her too. She wasn't inside the party anywhere! Where do you think I found her? She was outside, in a car on the street. She had her skirt all rucked up and a brother was in there too. Yeah. They was going at it, doing the wild thang. I only found her because she had her heels out the car window... I saw those red pumps and I just knew it was her! Then it sounded like the brother hit one out of the park! I heard the sound when the bat hit the ball! I saw it rise, high into the air! Everybody in the stands was going wild, standing and clapping, but not me! I couldn't find the guy who was selling the hot dogs! And I was hungry! And a hungry man is an angry man! Then I glanced at the screen and I noticed the error message. WS/FTP was notifying me, for the sixth time that the connection to the server was broken! My download of Fedora Core 5 was screwed once again! Lawd, me cyah tek it nuh more, so you know what I did, right. I pulled the string, hard! Yes, Rasta, the string which was tied to the steel rings which were all that were keeping the ten grenades I had strapped to my body at bay! So you done know how it go! Everybody has about five seconds! Those bastard aliens, my girl in the car with her foreign buddy, all the mofos in the stands around me at the game, my computer, me and since you are here reading this, you! Our destiny is set.

    by mad bull 2006-Oct-10 

  7. My car was on fire but at least she wasn't around. It will be hard to explain the aliens to the rental company and even harder to get back home on foot. She was the better liar. I presume she had shaked up with another guy from the party, not a drop of decency dat deer one dey did have, not a stitch. Torched my rent-a-car as revenge? For what? Rejecting your advances for first date sex. Evil witch. Our destiny is set.

    by owen 2006-Oct-11