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written by owen on 2005-Nov-27.

Many of the technocrats in Jamaica don't even know what a blog is or what it is about. When I started my blog in August of 2003, most of my colleagues didn't even read it and were still using Internet Explorer as their main web browser. They still don't read. Now every other day some idle technocrat coverts to the blogging scene and starts to hail Firefox/Opera as the best thing since slice bread. If I see another Blogspot blog I'm going to flipout. I could say that I told you so but nobody remembers me telling them that the end was near. Bandwagonists? maybe. I had to explain to a IT class that "Blog" / "Web-logging" is not a chat-room slash guest-book slash diary. Journal was the best explanation I could come up with.

The blog thing hasn't caught on in Jamaica because it is hard to differentiate between it and a regular static website. You have to know how a blog works in order to use it effectively. Quote "It look boring eeh? nuttin but text". Too much reading necessary I guess. So I bought an camera (broken now), added pictures and picture submitting features. I am always working on it, constantly restructuring to appeal more to the local audience which don't/can't/won't comment on posts. I don't know why. You have really be "net aware" to pick up on the blogging in general and Jamaicans are still getting accustomed to the forum concept. and are a couple of the main culprits. I am not perturbed by this because this website is mainly a showcase of my programming skills rather than my voice to the world. I have never been much of a writer.

First impressions last and locals like to see what they get the first time they visit. But a blog is more of a "over time" process. Which most Jamaican internet users don't really get. Appealing to such a fickle audience is something I am still trying to figure out. I need to get out to more parties. Play some dance-hall music in the background? The Hi5 network managed to do something I've always wanted to do but the social networking route is going to require a lot of time to implement.

A Jamaica still, a so we stay. Some things catch on fast, others get lock down like the movie theater in Portmore. :( People often ask me how I find content or stuff to "write". I update only on the weekends. Focusing on being "random" so as not to set a standard for myself to uphold or for readers to expect. Mostly I try to think of something funny yet ingenious at the same time. Appealing to as many people as possible without getting my self murdered. Fear of being murdered is the main deterrent to doing anything substantial. As the Afflictedyard states; "I don't want to blow my cover". Plus politics is boring. I do very few things well and I spend a lot of my time doing them. Keeps me safe. Being socially conscious isn't on my portfolio or list of things to do. I don't even watch the local news. The local news is slightly depressing and it makes you unreasonably or obsessively anxious, suspicious, or mistrustful aka paranoid. I much prefer to watch the BBC because it gives me perspective. I won't stop other people from watching it (the news) though because you need the paranoid people to let you in on the information you need to know.

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  1. yeah owen, i know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to appealing to the right audience. everyone who knows me in person who has my screen name on aol instant messenger visits my website on a regular basis. i track it. but they almost never comment on my site. its not that hard to leave a comment.

    i've tried to make my site community oriented, but it only goes so far. i come close to dying and everyone comments on my site. but now that i'm okay, cmments are down again. my site will never have the following daniel bogan has. it just won't. i became community oriented too late in the game to have a following. i think we both may have. i can't create a following without having a active fan base, you know what i mean?

    i'm going to work on another site thats going to have a community following. but it won't be a blog or anything like one. blogs are hard when it comes to community interaction. who cares about a jamaican? who cares about an ohioan? everyone who reads does, but they won't ever admit to it. thats the other part. they don't admit to reading your site and checking it compulsively. i don't think most people have noticed i track who visits my site from my aim profile. if they did, would they still visit, much less post a comment? who knows.

    but i still read your site on a daily basis and i'll fess up to it and interact with whatever you make for it. i love your site owen.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Nov-27 

  2. Owen, I love your site too, you hear man. Plenty fans is nice, but its not all, you hear. Plus, attracting people with a blog is way difficult! One man to come up with exciting content daily! Muy difficulto! Keep on keeping on, seen!

    by madbull 2005-Nov-28 

  3. @mh I don't know I hid the website and the email input boxs from the comment form that didn't help much. maybe putting the comment form onto the home page is the next step. maybe a one click thing like rate this blog entry thumbs up or down. check out the personal community thing on
    I don't know maybe the forum route is the way to go. I've been thinking of doing up small micro fliers and putting them on random notice boards with "php? porn? easy?"

    [qoute]Have a comment? Post it under Comments below.
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    by owen 2005-Dec-01 

  4. hey owen,
    you must have visited my blog, b/c I see you borrowed my "Have a comment" line.
    can you explain what the problem is with blogger that makes you caution people from using it? (My blog is on it. ) thanks.

    by alice from kiskeyacity 2005-Dec-02 

  5. btw, i think lots of bloggers assume that people will instinctively know how to navigate a blog but I am starting to understand that a lot of people don't really understand blogs. I also think that some blogs are not very user-friendly.

    Also, once you watch your counter, you can tell that many more people visit than actually post. The same is true for message boards. that's just the way people are. doesn't mean they won't come back.

    oh and you should provide a place for people to enter their url if they'd like. or at least that's what I would do if I were you...

    by alice 2005-Dec-02 

  6. user-friendly-ness is something I'm always working on but it seem like the more you change the more you alienate another set of people. When making a comment click "options" beside the submit button to enter your website url. See? perfect example.

    I am not cautioning people from using blogger, there is no problem with it.

    by owen 2005-Dec-03