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Only 113 dead in January

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written by owen on 2006-Feb-05.

Its been raining on and off for the past couple of days which is good. It is either a sign of the start of an early hurricane season or that it somewhere needs to get flooded. Probably. Only 113 people kill since January, a 23 % reduction according to the gleaner. With the rise in kidnappings it sorta feels like I'm living in Columbia. Busy signal has a new website. The Air Jamaica Jazz festival come and gone. I still don't have a new camera so no new pictures from my vantage point.

I've been watching bmobile singles for the past couple of weeks as well. No, I don't vote. I should have entered that competition but you dun know. They should I totally gone with a less uptown girl still. I don't want to sound racist by saying "more jamaican" but what the heck I said it already. The chick reeks of privilege. How you get the cards a so you have to play them. She cool even if her last name isn't "real ghetto slam". She plays her cards well. As far as see it Jamaica needs more reality TV. Everybody loves to watch other people in the hope that they will do something really silly. Its called entertainment.

They've been clamping down on bad cops over the last 6 months. Really its going to be pretty hard to pay off any policemen especially when it comes to traffic violations. They also have increased the amount of money NHT lends on mortgages, only god knows why. Nothing happens without a reason in this country.

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  1. i hope you are banging mad bitches. if i was jamaican, i'd be banging tons of bitches. so get on top of that, and on top of 'dem bitches.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Feb-07 

  2. Yeah on and off rain, keep wetting up my sheets on the line. :(

    Seems the whole reality TV has kicked off in Jamdown fi real! Rising Stars, Singles, Golden Nugget!

    "Only 113 dead", they keep saying the it in headlines like that's a good thing...113 in one month is still a crisis.

    by stunner 2006-Feb-07 

  3. hahah, you watch too much tv

    by owen 2006-Feb-07 

  4. Michael--if I get your meaning correct I feel compelled to warn you that it can shrivel up and fall off. Be careful.

    by Gods Child 2006-Feb-07 

  5. :o
    @stunner as dem say "progress is progress"

    by owen 2006-Feb-08 

  6. It seems that Gods Child have good connections to the god of money. (smile)

    by nice girl 2006-Feb-13 



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