Sticker on my Car

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written by MiTcHiE on 2006-Jan-09.

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Rather interesting sticker that resides on the Back windshield of my car. Got me in trouble many a times. Getting pulled over by men looking like criminals asking which girl I have in the car now, or girls giving me dirty eyes when I look at them.

Its really sad at times but hey such is life as a black man.

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  1. Who is Mitchie?

    by Gods Child 2006-Jan-10 

  2. Hey, if you have my girl inside, is worries for you, you know!

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jan-11 

  3. So, you a gie man bun!? ;-)

    by doctord 2006-Jan-13 

  4. am i missing something if i say "kick his ass seabass?"

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jan-14 

  5. question is why would I tell anybody if I have your girl inside? or may its "your girl is my girl until you get her back"

    mitchie is from jamaica.

    by owen 2006-Jan-14 

  6. U guys are getting it all wrong. The sticker simply is saying that ur girl might be in my car right now. It was done out of pure idleness.

    by MiTcHiE 2006-Mar-18