Land Down Under

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written by owen on 2005-Jul-04.

You could move to Iceland (IS ) if you think about it. Aside from the fact that its cold, really cold there is abound to be some fun to be had with the ice. Cold drinks all year round. I suspect as well that the crime rate is would be significantly reduced. Though eating the fat of sea mammals, esp. whales and seals might not be very enticing.

I suppose as well that land prices are pretty cheap. But I don't think you'll want to venture too far out from civilization for fear of you being eaten by polar bars. Even worst becoming lost in a winter wonderland of eternal christmas might not be as ideal as it sounds.

This is going to be the best month ever. Like totally super. I will get the source thing working. You will be able see the PHP that generates most of the pages (some are abit out of the project path). It was a bit tricky at first but with a little brainstorming I got each of the pages on the site map to show will highlight source and some javascript.

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  1. Ok, looking forward to it!

    by Mad Bull 2005-Jul-05 

  2. i'd love to see more source code.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jul-06 

  3. You'd think the title of "land down under" would be about Australia. You deceive me Owen and you must pay by actually writing something about Australia ;)

    by Allen 2005-Jul-16 

  4. hahaha

    by owen 2005-Jul-17