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written by owen on 2005-Jun-08.

Bueaty is intentionally spelt incorrectly, yes it was. I gave money to Jamaica Cancer Society, I hope your happy. The hurricane season has started again and everybody knows that I'm only happy when it rains. This semester its discrete mathematics, data structures & file management and operating systems.

I did not do much of anything over the weekend. Fixed the register page, discovered it was not working after made some changes to the web site. Anyway thats that, I need to pick up some need "projects" but some girls are not accessible either by choice or nature.

I have been thinking about building version 5. It will not be a blog but it will encompass all or most of the elements in a new weird way. I have not yet figured out exactly what its going to look like or how I am going to build it.

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  1. wow, version 5? i've been around since version 3, i think. i feel old.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jun-08