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written by owen on 2005-May-09.

Have you ever thought of corned beef? Bulli-Beef as they call it in jamaica. It comes in a can with a special tab at the bottom that you pull around the corners. It doesn't matter which brand you buy they all look and taste the same way. You would expect somebody could think of a way to make it taste different or at least add coloring or something. I have seen people make korned beef from scratch. I think they soak the beef in lots of salt in a bucket. Not a pretty process.

While I was having chicken for lunch on thursday at the Pavilion mall food court. I though to my self "man, they must be killing like a million chickens per day". I am studying for finals so I will not be messing with the website this week I promise. I am trying to avoid anything that requires me to use the other side of my brain.

The driving lesson guy missed my last 3 lessons either he has died in a car accident or is trying to make me forget what I have learned so that I will pay for more lessons. Current lesson count 24 but I don't have a car to practice on so that could account for my mistakes. Its taking longer than I thought it would though.

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  1. its finals week for me too. i have a lot i want to do with my website, but i don't have the time to. i do, but its not what i should be spending it on.

    you don't need a license to drive. nor do you need to own a car. just go find one and steal it. you'll appreciate it more.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-May-09 

  2. my GTA skills are not that good.

    by owen 2005-May-09 

  3. Yeh, study up. You will soon be past all this... hey, I used to eat in Pavillion a lot too.. and usually in the company of some foxy women too, I might add.... Its been a long time. The last two times I went to Pavillion was to deal with my phone bill.

    by Mad Bull 2005-May-09 

  4. owen - just on the bully beef thing (or buli bif as WE call it). u like it? we get it back in new guinea n it's the shit. (in a good way, that is)

    by me 2005-May-11 

  5. @me ok, the shit yeah I get what your saying.

    by owen 2005-Oct-03