1. Where exactly were you standing when you took this picture, Owen? I love this picture... I doh know why, but I do! I think you are talented...

    by mad bull 2005-Sep-29 

  2. That photo is actually taken by Everton (yes people do submit pictures to the site). Its taken from the right side of the road when going to kingston. The buses are on the right side of the road.

    by owen 2005-Sep-30 

  3. i would always cross that bridge coming from and going to school from going to miss that bridge.we will always remember you.that bridge linked kingston and saint cathrine.thats a great picture you toke.

    by jamaica_boi 2007-Nov-08 

  4. The scrap metal trade is responsible for the removal of all the rails from this bridge. Should have been a landmark.

    by Shakka 2011-Oct-14