1. "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds". i thinks that's what these statures are telling us.

    by Tracey-ann Taylor 2005-Apr-06 

  2. your absolutely right about that i'm a jamaican so i know........

    by poochi 2007-May-19 

  3. Free your minds, free your soul, free your statement, but lets not misinterpret now!

    by Scarlett 2006-Oct-12 

  4. we has jamaican as been through alot both from our past and presence we dont got nothing to fear we will not hide the truth we tell it as it is....straight forward thats just the way it is......

    by poochi 2007-May-19 

  5. Woh,I Salut Jamaica for the inner potential and great to have a that statue . free your minds, soul, body really thats great out of statue.i have been in Jamaica for past two years and use to travel ,sit around , sat may time by side of statue and use to think may time what its exactly the inner approach it means.even i think today the only i mean out of that is looking at sky for hopes,blessing for everything.

    by shinde 2008-Nov-15