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written by owen on 2004-Nov-22.

People especially women have referred to me as being Emotionally Distant. I must admit that I am not a bundle of emotion (they knew what they were getting into) though I do smile often uncontrollably like a small child after being breast fed. It is not so much a weakness as it is an annoying reflex action that happens when something runs through my head. Good or evil. You get what you pay for.
Maybe I habitually avoid from giving compliments and saying words like "I like", "head gone", "I think it is best if", "lovely", "Dido Armstrong is my current favorite artist after Madonna and Sade", "sweet", "I have play quite a few video games ever since I was ten", "she is cute", "I am so obsessed with etc", "I think Alicia Keys has weird eyes", "I have watched every episode of...", "I prefer chicken but would rather have beef", "that looks nice", "I could love you if you weren't such and annoying bitch", "shag now or shag later", "chacca chacca", "ring a ring a rosy pocket full" etc. I am literally handicapped. Too much computer time - too little talk time. Small talk simply is not in my skill set. Anti-social?
There was a company team building thing about six months ago. I know that was a long time ago. We had meeting where everybody had to talk about everybody else. Eventually one person refered to me as weird and for lack of a better word everybody else started using the same word and it became this big joke all day. Thanks guys, no christmas presents for you.

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  1. Get and envelope and design a fake logo on your PC from the local VD Clinic and then design a big "URGENT - POSITIVE RESULTS" in bolf red letters on the outside and then address it to him at work and then mail it to him.

    by Stu 2004-Nov-22 

  2. (confused) what?

    by owen 2004-Nov-23 

  3. owen, one day i'm gonna drop by jamaica and take you out to _meet people_ =).

    by roseability 2004-Nov-23 

  4. I never heard of internet cafe's being named "meet people".

    by Arie 2004-Nov-24 

  5. The guy that called you weird. Play that practical joke on him!

    by Stu 2004-Nov-26 

  6. i'm pretty emotionall distant too.

    by nicole 2004-Nov-27 

  7. sound like a lot of work stu. I am swamped with calculus

    by owen 2004-Nov-27 



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