Programming is difficult, Entrepreneurship is arbitrary

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written by owen on 2022-Oct-29.

I haven't written an article in quite a while so bare with me as I crack my knuckles and flex on this draft email that may or may not see the light of day.  I will keep it short.

Programming is difficult

It might be easier to teach programming than it is to actually be a programmer in the general sense of the term.  We program things every day, we input and get output.  But the programming I am talking about is the magical kind.  10 thousand lines of React mixed with Javascript on top of a framework that everyone hates - it will change your life.
If you look into the stats there might be more people teaching programming than actual people working as programmers.  There are a lot of programmers but certainly not enough to call it an emerging market.  In fact I see less and less programmers everyday - I see more new projects started on github than people actually maintaining these new open source projects.  It is all the same people, over and over dog-fooding.
If you put 10 people into a room maybe 2 or 3 will "get" the whole concept of programming.  And even then you will need more time and examples to really launch them into the stratosphere.

Entrepreneurship is arbitrary

When I was in high school they were teaching everyone "Office Procedures" or maybe it was just girls I am not sure.  But back in the day of OP you at least knew what you were getting into - you were destined to work in an office and write stored procedures all day.  Entrepreneurship is not like that - its more fuzzy.  Do something you like that might make you rich or happy or both.  Stay high all the time.
There is a caveat to this however; you must do things legally - you can't become a thief or some kind of underground criminal.  You have to start some kind of business where you work for yourself and maybe employ some other people.  This is the way.  Settle down and buy a house in LA.  I tell young people to start a church or a bank.  Go hard or go home.


Any which way you take it you have to stay vigilant.  Keep you head on the ground.  Stay out of trouble.  Work hard at the things you like* and stop wasting time on social media watching self help videos and articles designed to waste your time.
* Like doesnt mean entertainment.

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