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photos by owen on 2022-Jun-14.

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I avoid editing as much as possible.  Before heading out I usually choose whether I will shot in B&W or colour - some days are colour days, others are bw. I rarely switch while I am shooting.  If I take a picture in black+whiite it usually stays that way forever.  I have started to crop alot to get rid of details at the edge or make a photo vertical.  Besides that I bulk auto contrast or brighten all the photos in Picasa.

The general process;

  • I shoot pictures until my 32gb SD card is almost full.  Usually takes a month depending. If I am going to an event I clear my card or fall to the slower 64gb card.
  • Once full I remove SD card from camera, put it into a SD card reader, stick it into computer. I can connect a USB cable to the camera directly be the port cover seems very fragile. I do not want to lose that rubber cover.
  • Make sure the My Pictures folder is empty.
  • I Use the windows import tool to download all the new pictures from SD card into my pictures folder. (open as portable device).
  • Wait, depending on the speed of the card and the USB nterface.
  • Backup folders in My Pictures to external hard drive.
  • Bulk auto contrast photos in Picasa.
  • Spend the next 4-5 weeks organising the photos into folders, groups sets, picking some to print etc.  Posting random shots on social media and this website.
  • After a set has been posted I move them to a "used" folder
  • Delete used folder (because I made backups earlier in this process). 

You will notice that I backup, then edit because sometimes it can take weeks to go through all the pictures and I might forget to backup.  So to avoid that lag time I just backup the unedited pictures right away. I dont really need to save the edited versions because I do minimal edits.  If you edit alot then you know what you need to do.

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