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written by owen on 2022-Mar-05.

Been a long terrible year.  Both real and imagined.  Most of us made it out with all our limps.  Some of us are still waiting for the next shoe to drop.  It is only a matter of time until all your worst dreams come true.  But what can you do?  These are the days of our lives.  Dry your tears.  All in all you have to admit that some of it was fun though.  On to the next.

This is a new year, a new chance to crash into the cars that you manage to avoid crashing into the year before.  Or worse yet crash into them AGAIN.  Chaos is all around you.  For me this new year just signals a new slug towards my birth month then the relief that I will feel once it is over.  The moment of clarity.  I have nothing planned.  I will most likely spend the first month chronicling the previous years achievements so as to have a record of the lives I have saved and the causal ties that I failed to re

I have been neglecting my writing alot in the past year or 2 for reasons unknown.  Or maybe I have been so obsessed with my other hobbies that I have sacrificed writing at the alter of time.  Who knows?  We are not getting any younger.  On top of that my digital backup is near full so I will have to buy a new backup device.No description

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