Uncharted Review

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written by owen on 2022-Mar-06.

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This is a movie based on a game that was based on a movie. I am surprised that so many people did not know this was originally a game but alas if you do not follow the gaming world then it wont matter much. This movie is the classic tomb raider/indian jones adventure. Its an ok movie with lots of corny jokes. For people who like these kind of movies you will find an interesting movie in this package but for everyone else its a 6/10. rent it.

Typical annoyances are present with these kinds of movies that will make you question why god why would you do that? All I can say its that bad guys will be bad guys and somethings only exist to establish the scene.

If you are seeing this in 2d just note that this was made for 3d glasses so if any of the scenes look weird/fuzzy its because of that.

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