1. internet.

    by Hayo 2004-Oct-11 

  2. internet, coffee, racing

    by Arie 2004-Oct-11 

  3. Cheese trix, coffee, internet, cigarette (trying to stop)

    by strainer10 2004-Oct-11 

  4. Internet, TV, food in general

    by Stu 2004-Oct-11 

  5. I see a pattern emerging here.

    by Hayo 2004-Oct-12 

  6. pooping.

    by michael_halvorsen 2004-Oct-12 

  7. i guess i would have to say cricket and that order!

    by yamfoot 2004-Oct-14 

  8. food (which is a pity), soccer, sleeping, internet.

    by me 2004-Oct-15 

  9. music

    by ak 2004-Oct-16 

  10. music, cricket, food.

    by t 2004-Oct-16 

  11. Raisenets (chocolate covered raisens) and Milkyways....i'm gonna go get some now

    by Breakspeare 2004-Nov-09 

  12. a cheap thai restaurant, blogging, and edy's rocky road ice cream

    by nena 2004-Nov-09