1. 128 kbps (normal quality sound) expect to have approximately 30 songs strored in that 128 mega bytes.
    30 songs equals 1.8 hours of total play time that is unless you battery runs out before you finish listening to the songs.
    I am assuming that all the songs are about 4 minutes long, so if your the songs are shorter or longer then you will be able to store more or less.

    by owen 2004-Apr-13 

  2. or just one reeeally big one

    by shade 2004-Apr-14 

  3. 128 Will hold about a CD worth of VBR(128-256) Mp3.

    Better sound means less traks

    Bigger is better...

    by ben 2004-Apr-17 

  4. If your average song is like 4 min i would have to say about 32 songs.

    by Mona 2005-Jun-24