1. burn files onto a cd. drive to friend's house. swap cds

    by shade 2004-Jan-21 

  2. Download "Unison" from and then (provided you have a credit card) get the free trial at You're getting mp3's so I'd suggest getting the MP3 Package at and using that with Unison. It costs around 40 dollars monthly. You can get gigs and gigs and gigs and gigs of music, if you want to. My friend does actually. Very good way to get them. You can get much more than music though: porn, news, fine art, software, roms, games, etc, etc, etc, etc.

    by Faith 2004-Mar-05 

  3. help me find a file swap service better than kazaa

    by Mark 2004-Oct-25 

  4. there is nothing better that kazaa unless you go to friends house and borrow their cds

    by owen 2004-Oct-26