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written by owen on 2004-Jul-19.

Sometimes you surf the internet and you see an ad or reef or something like that. You often realise without a doubt you must click on it. They just call you in - Click me! Click me! more like porn, a mermaid or those annoying flashing ads that tell you that you'll get free stuff but you know that you'll never get anything or have you?. Especially when you cruising around a website for no reason, waiting for a wave, exactly before your about to fall a sleep (or drown) and a popup window comes up because you are using internet explorer but your glad that this popup window choose to appear at that very exact moment in time.
Often times I have a specific reason to be on the internet. Sometimes I read other peoples weblogs so that I can see what they chatting about today, steal their ideas, wave statistics or news. The news on the web has gotten pretty good even for a small island like jamaica, i.e. if you know where to find it. Well I look at it as of more like the beginning of an exploration. What the sky looks like. what the stars look like, do they still twinkle or are they a steady light when you get outside the atmosphere. The science and space newsletter arrives from cnn every week and I usually read a few of the stories though cnn is biased as hell. But I've always been interested in space and vastness of it. It's kinda like the internet before google. Back in the day when email was the only way to get cool and useless links to website. I miss those days, now all you have to do in type it in and it appears like magic, all this information is getting me nauseous.

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  1. Sorry boss, I not going to be clicking on any pop-ups--could be porn, free stuff, etc. I not doing it! This from one that has gotten just a bit too many trojan horses of late.

    Agree with you about the large volumes of information on the web--how do we process it? how do we differentiate the good stuff from the crap? and the song goes on and on. BTW, you really do need to update more often still my yute!

    by AngryDog 2004-Jul-22 

  2. I'm not much of a writer, which is why the site is updated weekly. maybe monday

    by owen 2004-Jul-22 

  3. Not clicking on pop ups myself. The internet is a good thing, but it also is riddled with plenty crap. I use the net for what I want...bloggging, news, medical articles and extract that from it. The vastness of it is mind boggling. One has to sift through what is available. Google is excellent for medical articles. Again, you have to know what you want.

    Regarding space and astronomy, I have always had an interest in that stuff from I was a yute. Sadly, I haven't devoted much time to that in recent years. Wonderful photos that we have been treated to of Saturn recently.

    by DoctorD 2004-Jul-22 

  4. not to be pedantic, but "beauty" is spelled wrong in your header... thought it might be good to know.

    by Eliot 2004-Jul-22 

  5. eliot, owen's spelling is half of the fun!

    by roseability 2004-Jul-22 

  6. be pedantic I don't mind - really I don't. google appreciation day.

    by owen 2004-Jul-22 

  7. haha, google appreciation day. the ' google-sheet' style does look kinda cool.

    by roseability 2004-Jul-23 

  8. I think the quote "What the sky looks like. what the stars look like, do they still twinkle or are they a steady light when you get outside the atmosphere" is from George Bush, and is sampled at the beginning of a dubby track. Anybody know the name of the track and the artist? Please email me.

    by Ron 2004-Aug-25 

  9. by Ron 2004-Aug-25 

  10. The song that I heard it in is
    "exploration" by "the karminsky experience". Which
    waas apart of a mix I downloaded from Indigo Club, issue #64

    by owen 2004-Aug-26 

  11. I have been looking for the name this addictive tune for ages....ty

    by ffcapetown 2010-Jun-27 

  12. Bonobo - Pick up off Solid Steel Presents: It Came From the Sea

    by benashbe 2010-Nov-16