Can 3-D save the cinemas?

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written by owen on 2011-May-27.

Avatar is the best 3d movie I've seen and most people will a test to that. Its not the amount of 3d shots but the quality of the shots IMHO. eitherway 3d is not going save the theatres if they continue to be greedy. People who watch movies every week (sometimes several times a week) will continue to do that no matter what happens but I personally will not be affected by the new influx of 3d movies because 3d doesn't add much value to the movie. In fact they just use it as another means of price rape. The theatres now have crazy ads before, during and after the movie. Its just a matter of time before they have scrolling message bars at the bottom of the movie. Movie theatres need to release that movies are no longer important to the general population. They have other stuff to distract them.

CINEMA group Palace Amusement has tripled its capital expenditure amid a Digital 3-D build-out project earmarked as a saviour in an industry ravaged by pirates, even while the firm continues to operate in the red.


If you triple your expenditure in a single year, how can you expect to re-cope that money during the same year?

They should work on keeping their loyal fans who love them and leave the rest of us alone. They should realise no matter what they do some of us just want to see one good movie every month or every quarter, we just want to watch the movie, we don't want to see advertisements or buy expensive snacks. We want to watch movie trailors before the movie starts, not cellphone advertisements. If we cannot watch trailors then tell us exactly when the movie is going to start so that we can come to the theatre at that time.

If they want to drive a bigger Benz then they should charge more for the movie but of course they know they cannot do that without making their regular weekly customers angry so I guess they are in a between a rock and a hard place. I have no problem waiting 2 years for a movie to come out on cable but I know movie buffs love their movies and I think that the movie buffs are the ones who suffer most in this period. I am the type of movie watcher that can see a worthless movie coming from just the name alone, even before I see the trailor. And worthless movies are EVERYWHERE. I have been punked by a dubious trailor before but it is a rare occasion. The movie industry is running out of ideas and they need us as much as we need them. 3d movies, superhero movies, remakes of old movies and explosions not enough to get me to come to the theatre every week, sorry, I have video games, internet and cable.

My suggestion is that they should enjoy their monopoly while it lasts and cater to their core audience who watch movies on a regular, treat then right and they will remain loyal and encourage their friends to fork out the money. But right now 3d is not going to make encourage other people give theatre more profit. If its more profit they want then they need to invest into more local movies and directors instead of sending all that extra profit overseas. Heck the local movies may suck in the beginning but with social media as it is, a good local movie will draw a crowd and ensure the continued improvement in quality. Better mus come - eventually.

Side Note on Bootleggers

Bootleggers really don't care about 3d and what makes matters worst is that 3d will never become the defacto standard of watching a movie at anywhere because it seriously gives some people headaches and adds very little to the movie experience. Advertise more and offer better deals in order to get more people to choose the theatre over bootleg, otherwise, watching a movie at the theatre will continue to be the exception as opposed to the norm for most people. You could always try banding the importation of flat screens into Jamaica, lol.

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  1. there must have been something wrong with the screen when I saw it. With the glasses on it only looked weird and blurry. Also, the plot was severely lacking. Weak even.

    by Gods Child 2011-Jun-09 

  2. yeah the plot was pretty weak but I think there are some people who cannot see in 3d ( or the movie version of 3d )

    by owen 2011-Jun-09