It started to smoke and then it died

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written by owen on 2009-Jan-29.

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I should have known that eventually the tons of dust that had accumulated over the years would have gotten the better of my 6 year old Dell computer. Either that or the rampant power fluctuations that are a result of the evil washing machine and evil refrigerator who have be conspiring to steal my attention for years. I brought it to work and they said that an irreplaceable chip on the motherboard had picked up a smoking habit and that even rehab could not be its saving grace. It was lost.

I could always get the motherboard replaced but it really doesn't make any sense to hack back together the computer's soul. The computer by todays standards is HUGE and had never failed to take a RAM or hard drive or disk upgrade that I thrust into its innards. Which maybe be difficult if not near impossible with today's micro compact computers. I've never been one to tinker with computer hardware in either case as you may have guessed from the obvious fact that I bought a DELL. But she took it well and we had some good times.

Back in the day it was a 1300 USD, 1.6 ghz, 256 mb of RAM - beast of a machine. Right about the time cream colored computers were going out of style. Black plastic sex. Now I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do with its rotting skull and bones. Oh cruel, cruel world.

It will probably be another month or so before I get a replacement. Another DELL of course and probably the abomination that is VISTA. Pity I can't wait until windows 7 comes out ( whatever good that'll do ). I could always start playing video games on the Wii again. Beyond Good and Evil is still yet unfinished - at least I have that.

So whenever your getting you next drink on, have one for the lost ones.

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  1. Get an iMac? It solves the Windows problem.

    by tristan 2009-Jan-30 

  2. yeah but that renders all my old windows software useless [trouble]

    by owen 2009-Jan-31 

  3. Hmmph so sad i almost cried..well maybe not, use it as a paper holder ^_^

    by Gordon Swaby 2009-Jan-30 

  4. Poor you. I'd advise not to get a Dell next time. Why go for the bigger brands when a smaller brand is just as good.

    Averetec makes good computers,or better yet buy the parts and we'll build you one.

    Hushies [sorry]

    by Tami 2009-Jan-30 

  5. what is Averetec?

    by owen 2009-Jan-31 

  6. I advice Dell. dell is good. dellllllll

    by Hayo 2009-Jan-31 

  7. When next I have a drink, I will raise my glass for all our fallen soldiers! Though they're gone, Owen and I will always miss them!

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jan-31