Shopping Carts Suck

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written by owen on 2009-May-30.

I go to the supermarket alot, mostly because I only buy just the amount of things that I can survive on for like two weeks or so. I am not one of those people who keeps a long line of people waiting because they have bought so much stuff they could feed a small army or a very fat man. When these shopping cart people aren;t holding up the line, they are blocking up the isles and doubling parking their shopping karts. And if that isn't bad enough after you finally get what you want, you reach the cashier and guess who pops in front of you? Yup a shopping cart full of cheese tricks and a million other items. omfg. And to top it all off the first 2 credit cards that are used by the shopping cart fool are expired. How many credit cards can one person have?

Not only do they look silly but they are ignorant to the fact that pushing a shopping cart is not a form of exercise. Only reason I see you should be using a shopping cart is if you are; buying bags of feed or bulk sugar, carrying a small child that has the tendency to throw stuff, buying a cake or food for a party.

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  1. And what would i do with my 2 months grocery shopping items? I don't need any extra muscles.

    by Tami 2009-Jun-04