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written by owen on 2008-Nov-18.

Now that we at JTB have gone off somewhere(maybe to return again) I can voice my disgust at the recent redesign of website without the fear of being fired or black listed. Now its not that the new website is bad, its just that it is a mere shadow of the previous website. And I'm not envious at the millions of dollars spent on it. I can imagine the tons of hours that were spent on that flash intro thing but not so much on the dept of the content of the website - I am by no means a "designer". But anyway I went off on a search for similar sites that I liked, a sorta faux internet vacation. If you want to go on your own internet vacation do a web search for "tourism site". I bring to you;

New Zealand - The best thing about this site is probably the movie in the heading (welcome to the youngest country on earth).

Bahamas - Now they may have more islands than us and more colors to choose from but you really only need one good island. no true?

Nassau Paradise Island - somehow related to the bahamas site. Oh yes its another island.

Hawaii - nice video stories

Maine - autumn?

Thailand - sometimes a busy site design is necessary shows that tings a gowan.

Singapore - white on red

Nova Scotia - Big pictures

Germany - white on gray. busy but at the same time clean. multi-lingual

Auckland - city of sails


I seemed to have liked a high percentage of websites with white backgrounds. High Quality Video also seem to add a extra something if it done well. And yes I would visit a country solely on its website as long as they speeck some English and are not currently being invaded by a foriegn country. With Japan being the exception because I need to be lost in translation.

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