Knight and Day Movie review

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written by owen on 2010-Jul-05.

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Cameron Diaz does her usual laugh and smile and Tom Cruise does his crazy impossible action. It feels like Mission 3, well worth the money even though Miss diaz just smiles alot. My rating 8 of 10. Plus I have heard reports that the last air bender sucks.

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  1. Wanna see it. Not sure if it'll be before its out on DVD's however.

    by mad bull 2010-Jul-06 

  2. do you watch ANY movies at the theaters anymore?

    by owen 2010-Jul-24 

  3. Well, I'm going to see the airbender movie. . . and probably Inception too.
    this one I'm reserving on netflix

    by Gods Child 2010-Jul-06 

  4. everybody is praising inception - it maybe a must watch, lol unlike avatar

    by owen 2010-Jul-24 

  5. Owen, I watched 'SALT' in the theater recently... that and 'Despicable Me'. Gonna see Inception in the theater too.

    by Mad Bull 2010-Aug-01