The Book Of Eli Review

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written by owen on 2010-Jan-30.

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I'm usually apprehensive towards watching Denzel Washington's movies he plays the same role over and over again. I bet you could cut 10 of his movies together into one movie and you would not beable to tell the difference. But I watched this one anyway because it was either this or Legion. You are probably wondering why he is doing a movie in which he kills people with a machete but by 20 minutes into the movie you will see why. Better titled: The revenge of the Librarian.

The movie starts out with the usual guy in the desert. He soon finds a place to hold up for the night, fresh pussy on the fire, and pulls out his ipod and start jamming to some Marvin Gaye. I can never understand how the barren wastelands he finds the time to charge his ipod and keep his designer sun glasses clean.

Maybe its a bias I have to wards these kinda movies but I can never understand how people can't find water to drink but they never run out of bullets for their guns. Their always seem to be a infinite supply of bullets and cigars. I can never understand.

Little things aside, Denzel is traveling west and kicks some ass along the way, a couple heart pounding actions scenes and quotes from the "Book". The movie is good all the way up until the end where the "twist" happens and left me with a "wtf" look on my face. Not a bad movie, kinda illogical but well written, 7 out of 10. Watch it when it comes out on cable.

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  1. oh snap. Cable? Okay. thanks for the tip.

    by Gods Child 2010-Feb-01 

  2. don't get me wrong its not a bad movie, its just not a "must-see"

    by owen 2010-Feb-03 

  3. I can't summon the drive to find a sitter and go to this movie, so it looks like I will be following your suggestion on this one... or maybe a tele screener.... hmmm.

    by mad bull 2010-Feb-02 

  4. If you a DW fan might as well you go see it but its definately no a must-see IMHO

    by owen 2010-Feb-03