Law Abiding Citizen Review

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written by owen on 2009-Oct-22.

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This movie is about a father who loses his daughter and wife to a heinous crime. The dude (Gerard Bulter) seeks to take revenge on the justice system for messing up the trials of the murder's of his family. Its a high quality, suspense, mystery, crime thriller about a father on a path of righteous revenge (ala Death Wish).

The movie is very good, up to a point. Its one of those movies that are deep and mysterious until they decide tell you whats really going on and the director goes a long way to try and explain everything. This is what really spoils it for me, killing the mystery and makes the ending feel rushed.

Its a good movie, with good action, cool murders, no gore, nice ride up until 10 minutes before it ends. 8 out of 10.

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  1. I've grown tired of these movies
    I'd like to see something new and different
    I'm skipping this one due to the warnings about the violence
    I've seen enough violence to the point where I suspect everyone of being serial killers anyway

    by Gods Child 2009-Oct-22 

  2. its is really a action movie. action movies have violence but its a good movie nonetheless

    by owen 2009-Oct-22 

  3. yeah so does life and I live it

    by Gods Child 2009-Nov-06 

  4. Right now I see more violence on tv than I do it real life. Its in my nature to avoid it.

    by owen 2009-Nov-06 

  5. Meh, Death Sentence, Last House on the Left and While she was out did it for me. I doubt if i watch this it will be any different.

    I miss my psychological thriller movies...sighs. Any recommendations peaople?

    by Tami 2009-Oct-22 

  6. The ending sucked ass

    by Tami 2009-Nov-09 

  7. yup. last 10 minutes was a work of bad writing

    by owen 2009-Nov-09 

  8. I cosign what Tami Says I hated it soo much. it just happened two fast in the last part.. Also I wanted Jamie Dead sooooo bad.

    by taylor 2009-Nov-14