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written by owen on 2009-Oct-30.

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At first I thought it was a bit too soon to be releasing a MJ movie but after seeing it, I realised that it make perfect sense to release it now.
Its not really a movie but a extended music video with commentary and bloopers. Whether you see this movie or not is based directly on how much you love to hear MJs music played on good, high quality speakers that you can only get in a theater. It will make you want to dance and rock your head.
It would have been a great concert. For what it is, it couldn't have been better. I give it 10.

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  1. thanks 4 the explanation
    I thought it was kind of a ghoulish and money-grubbing thing for them to do
    but maybe not
    maybe it's a nice thing for it to be released

    by Gods Child 2009-Nov-02 

  2. yeah, it would have been great concert

    by owen 2009-Nov-04 

  3. The "movie-backstage-event" was absolutely great. It was good to see MJ in his element, truly a genius at work perfecting his craft. This movie just confirms what we already. I agree that it would have been a great couple of concerts.Makes me regret never having the opportunity to see him perform. In my weird mind I think maybe they will use some sort of hologram on a stage and make look real-don't even ask yeah i am crazy

    but seriously a DVD I want for keeps.I like when they did "smooth criminal" in jazz-Dat no normal,sell off

    by Dutty 2009-Nov-05 

  4. i can safely say that the theater had the best speakers I've ever heard music on.

    by owen 2009-Nov-06 

  5. this is the best movie ever i mean holly **** this movie made me cry this man is a true master piece i give this movie four stars and i am a big fan of his music and this movie was the iceing on the cake. good goin MJ and i will miss him till the day that i die he was a true hero wait a sec he is my hero. i love you michael jackson i am cring as im writting this because i really was a big fan.i was really pissed off when taylor swift won the arrtist of the year at the american music awards instead of michael jackson gosh.

                             REST IN PEACE POP KING MICHAEL JACKSON

    by TAY 2009-Nov-24