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written by owen on 2009-Oct-11.

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Starring Bruce Willis as a detective trying to solve a murder in a world filled with people who use remote controlled robots to live thier daily lives. Its kinda like I-robot meets The Matrix however nothing much is really explained and things just happen. Even the ending twist feels unnecessary and unfulfilling.

Its always good to have a new robot-future scfi movie but somehow this one seems to find a way to turn what seems to be an exciting action thriller into a boring public service message about humanity and that social networks are ruining our lives.

By the end of the movie you won't care about any of the characters and you will find yourself asking; "So whats the point of all this?". Its a love or hate it Lifetime movie. Only see it if you are a Fan of robots that do nothing. 3 out of 10. Pointless movie.

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  1. I disagree I watched the movie the ending wasn't unnecessary a little predictable but in a good way. I dug it and I thought the message was very relevant to today because its true that while these sites are good at times, the beach is even better and if we don't watch out we'll forget that.I felt for the Bruce Willis's character and his wife.

    by clayonjj 2009-Oct-12 

  2. this was in theaters?

    by Gods Child 2009-Oct-16 

  3. yup, it usually takes a month or 2 to reach Jamaica so I guess it left the theaters in America already. Which explains why its a sucky movie.

    by owen 2009-Oct-16 

  4. I thought this was a pretty good movie. I agree with Clayonjj above.

    by mad bull 2009-Nov-22