Pop Lock and Drop It

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written by owen on 2008-Jun-29.

We and a random stripper were talking about cricket and how boring it is to watch compared to other sports such as basketball, football and something else. Party and Bullshit. Cricket was never really a spectator sport. Some people just relate to it more than others. I realise that my voyeuristic tendancy is much higher that others. Its a funny thing when you live in somebody else's reality - nothing really makes sense, you just go with the flow. Track field on the other hand is perfect spectator sport.

Then I went into western union to pay my child support when the teller asked me; "Where was the source of the funds". She had to ask me 3 more times before I realised that "murders and executions" was not the right answer. Government gots to be watching people's paper and taxing all the hos nowadays.

After that I went to the supermarket freezer hoping to find something to drink which hopefully contained more than one vitamin. Unfortunately I came to a rude awakening. Apparently, I'm living in a world full of fat people. EVERYTHING IN THE FRIDGE WAS DIET. Where have all the normal fatty processed foods gone? Its just a matter of time before the big secret corporations come up with a way to make diet chicken and vegetables. God only knows where I'm be without you.

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  1. Yeah too much diet this and diet that on the shelves, people just need to eat right (quantity and food type)and exercise.

    Wait what's up with this generic look?

    by Stunner 2008-Jun-29 

  2. wordpress ftw [confident]

    by owen 2008-Jun-30 

  3. I like the look

    by Gods Child 2008-Jun-30 

  4. I felt like a mid year refresh I was getting tired of the "colors on white"

    by owen 2008-Jul-01 

  5. snoooooooze
    the default skin? lawd gee

    by pepper 2008-Jun-30 

  6. its this thing called wordpress, nothing for you to worry about

    by owen 2008-Jul-01 

  7. So what happened to your own engine? Taxing hos is good, especially if they tax them and not me. How do we arrange that.

    by mad bull 2008-Jul-01 

  8. one way or the other the government is gonna get you. its there I just got tired of the other look.

    by owen 2008-Jul-01 

  9. So what is it that you have? What is your engine? A highly modified version of wordpress, with your own themes, or something you built from the ground up? And trust me, this look is so basic! your look was hotter. Anyway, who am I to talk, So many people hjave told me they like my version 2 site more than the latest one, so... [confident]

    by mad bull 2008-Jul-01 

  10. Its still my engine but I felt trying out the wordpress theme. Its kinda cool with the curvy edges and blue [confident]. GC likes it.
    Yeah sometimes I miss the theme I had last year and the 2006 one which I use when I'm logged in. Time for a new engine.

    by owen 2008-Jul-02 

  11. yes

    by Pepper 2008-Jul-03