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written by owen on 2008-May-29.

When I arrived - the first time they (the woman behind the glass door) said I had to make an appointment. I think she just wanted to cramp my style. "Tomorrow" I replied with a smile, popped my collar and dusted the dirt off my shoulder like a pimp with a lollipop and a little collie weed. "Only Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays" she replied stabbing me in the heart, sensing that I was in a rush and a habitual late comer. Darkness. I could not tell what she was about, had not cards to put on her table.

Two weeks later I arrived again - early (which should have struck me as a sign of doom) only to see people waiting in the lobby, painted yellow with green chairs and magazines on a shelf in the corner. Apparently here scheduled time is merely a means of crowd control and nothing else. Apparently this was one of those afternoon centric offices.

The thing about waiting in the lobby is that they fail to get new magazines. I found myself reading through 4 year old editions of cosmopolitan, laptop tech, women's health, womens fitness, healthy living and a teen pop magazine - which I can't remember - which explains alot. I was lost in my copy of cosmo when the sexy little lady sitting across the way started looking at me weird - she was begging me to say something funny but I could sense she wasn't real - she was too much - a train wreck waiting to happen. It felt like I was there for 5 days when the doctor finally arrived - looking like she had just come back from a night on the town - pigeons and crumbs.

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  1. u went to a gynaecologist?

    by Jamila 2008-May-29 

  2. no but its the second best place to pick up women

    by owen 2008-May-30 

  3. same thing i came to ask...wat the hell u doing at the gynae reading cosmo and womens health

    by pepps 2008-May-30 

  4. I cherish the day when you acquire an original thought

    by owen 2008-May-30 

  5. So why the ladies feel that its a gynae rather than some other kind of doctor? Enlighten me nuh?

    by Mad Bull 2008-May-30 

  6. they have cosmo at the eye doctors
    don't know why they have magazines there when they plan on putting drops in your eyes
    I guess they want to be ironic

    by Gods Child 2008-Jun-03 

  7. because of the magazines he was reading

    owen im starting to think you like me, pls leave me alone :P

    by pepps 2008-Jun-02 

  8. i'm starting to think that you you stop starting to think

    by owen 2008-Jun-05