Things That Annoy me about Video Games

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written by owen on 2008-Jun-24.

- I hate being funneled down a path. I get a clusterphobic feeling far too early. Especially when it obvious that I need to go into the cave. I don't want to have to stop and talk to mother, get some back story, and take a nap before I go into the dam tunnel. Maybe I've played one too many console fps games but why is this invisible wall blocking me? the cave IS RIGHT THERE! branch me a path or story line or something. So I missed a few cut scences - it couldn't be all that important because I still saved the princess.

- I hate being asked for which damned memory card I want to use/overwrite EVERY SINGLE TIME I SAVE. Just use the last one or make so that I can press through it. gamecude is very prone to this and the some xbox games.

- Unreal engine or anything that makes games easier to make. hate hate hate. unreal engine is akin to when everyone thought visual basic was cool and every app started to look like a calculator. Everybody just kept making calculators.

- Graphics for graphics sake. So you have fire and pretty water effects but I can't break the toilet and drink the water? come on man! You are in this bueatiful environment for hours upon hours but its always the same, no weather change, no night/day, - nothing. its like looking a static picture. No sense of time. You guys have to sleep sometime and THEN I'll GET YOU!

- modern games which equate to a 21-century pac-man. Go to A then B, get special, avoid enemy, repeat until desired thickness.

- Stupid unrealistic building structures. like that first stage of condemned where you are in a building and you have to keep going up stairs, which are at alternate ends of a hall. WHERE ARE THE DOWNSTAIRS? WHO BUILDS A BUILDING LIKE THAT? WHY CAN"T I JUST SKIP THE CRACKHOUSE BUILT BY FRANKENSTIEN?

- forcing a player to play a certain way. I know game devs are trying to sell you an "expirence" but there is no reason I should leave base camp with a pistol EVERY SINGLE MISSION.

- Car games where I can't make a sharp turn at high speed so that the car flips and going in to a roll. Pit manuver anybody? All this focus on realism and I still have to wear my seat belt.

- Car games with perfect roads and no sidewalks. Rumble, rumble, rumble.

- Purposely weak characters, silly equipment or instant death scenarios. Of course sometimes you have to have limits but there is no reason why I can't shoot down that helicopter with a rocket that I've saved just for that purpose from the 1st stage.

- Stupid restrictive controls that you can't custimize. So you can't jump or open a door or throw a brick.

- Silly built in restrictions for the sake of "balancing" characters. I don't remember where I read a interview that a developer said that the couldn't make the inventry "TURN FASTER" because it would through off the balance of the game. GRAVITY?

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  1. Your rant is nothing new, calm down:P

    by Gordon Swaby 2008-Jun-25 

  2. You hate a lot dude, but Zelda is friggin annoying. What's up with those cats and why isn't his shirt ever wet after swimming across the lake? WeIrD!
    Maybe you should give up on playing games since you're so annoyed with so much stuff.

    by Tami 2008-Jun-25 

  3. things annoy me, leave me alone. wet shirts would have no benefit in a zelda game

    by owen 2008-Jun-26 

  4. I hate video games!

    by mad bull 2008-Jun-26 

  5. Hmm, things that annoy me about video games are the grown ass men that play them - especially when you have something to do with me.

    by SE 2008-Jul-02