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written by owen on 2008-May-04.

I am often asked how I find time to update this website, what stars direct my faith. Its not really hard. A focused mind can find anything. There is so much bueaty in the world. All that it requires is a little time to write it down, separate the clutter. At the base of it all, every song is a love song. Its all a matter of perspective, how you look at it or listen to it.

As I'm eating my calalloo rice out of a Styrofoam cup takes a very long time to decompose in the environment and has been documented to cause starvation in birds and other marine wildlife. If I had the time, a whole lot a money or if luck was a lady; I would rent a whole floor of the pan caribbean building - don't ask me why. When you live by the day, pay by the hour, and sleep on the weekends, you tend to lay in the bed that you made, die by what you live by. Passion is a curse.

I spent all of last week thinking up new application concepts and watching wild ants eat babies on Discovery - not really - they were eating chickens. Babies taste like chicken? I ask cause I'm not sure. I learn fast, so you don't really have to go into the details. Photographic memory tends to be a curse when you remember odd little details about everything and yet absolute nothing about others. It does wear me down at times, like a caged animal.

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  1. hush?

    by Tami 2008-May-04 

  2. yeah like ok.....?

    by Bag Lady 2008-May-05 

  3. you know you gonna hurt you back. carrying all dem bags like that...

    by owen 2008-May-05 

  4. you could bring your own container

    by Gods Child 2008-May-05 

  5. its fast food. I would look ghetto. No, I think the solution is a total ban on earth killing things

    by owen 2008-May-05 

  6. one man's ghetto is another man's green
    haven't you ever heard of places that discount if you bring your own travel coffee cup? In fact they'll sell you one to bring back.

    by Gods Child 2008-May-07 

  7. Callaloo rice! Mmmmm!!!! [confident]

    by mad bull 2008-May-06