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written by owen on 2008-Jan-28.

She was mildly attractive with a low cut blouse and pamphlets about disabled kids in a folder as if she had just come from a conference. I assumed she was a basic school teacher like most are if not that a church girl or a monkey. As she took out her phone out of her incredibly large purse, I was already turning off my phone. The bus and the fact that the hot younger girl sat in the wrong seat. She was about 30 plus and had one maybe 2 kids - as I get older I tend to not fear the curse of attachments that I download will affect my computer. Life is either a perilous adventure or nothing. A freckle on the nose of life's complexion.

My assumptions were correct for she preceded to argue with her 5 year old daughter on the phone about why she love other people yard more than her own - she was a bit clingy like paint on a dry wall. It was clearly important to her and I listened patiently because I had the window seat, trapped, the bus was full and my Jedi mind tricks are yet to prove profitable. I listened, she spoke. She was well endowed and had a strong conviction for what she was saying, it was important to her as I said before in the last sentence.

You tend to not talk about relationships and common-law marriages when you first meet a woman, especially on the bus where she could shank me many times when I laughed at her misconceptions, dreams that were fables, the married man calling her at dinner time wanting to eat her. I don't remember how the conversation progressed, it just happens, once you get pass the barrier. A good hour into the bus ride I hadn't even asked her her name - I forget at times and she'll want me to remember it. I haven't even asked her up until the point when she went off into the darkness. She wanted to continue the conversation and adjusted her bra strap to that effect but I couldn't save her - she had to learn to save her self.

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  1. She talked about a married man wanting to eat her? Beside you? On the bus? My yute, it sounds like the Jedi mind tricks WERE working! She never even realised you were there. Its like you were invisible!

    by Mad Bull 2008-Jan-29 

  2. hahaha funny one

    by Tami 2008-Feb-03 

  3. when faced with an oppurtunity the worst thing you can do is nothing

    by owen 2008-Feb-05