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Juici beef in Cross Roads

written by owen, published 2009-Jan-26, comment

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I assume the price difference is because they get more walk in traffic

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Tastee menu

written by owen, published 2009-Jan-20, comment

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When heading to cross roads from half way tree. Do not buy a sandwich.

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written by owen, published 2008-Jul-03, comment

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Discuss what wrong in this picture

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My daily bread

written by SE, published 2008-Jun-15, comment

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I love making (and eating) salads. This one has lettuce, corn, red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, raisin, eggs, grilled chicken and croutons.


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owen commented: one for the left boob, other right boob. Plus that free hugs pic was too small therefore it was unworthy. ... read 12 more


written by owen, published 2005-Jul-06, comment

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Today, and at random times for the past month, for lunch I had "chicken-steak" from a chinese food place called Orchid Garden. Located somewhere near half-way-tree - I'm not sure where exactly becuase an intern or somebody else usually gets it. I always order Chicken-steak (dispite protests) because I'm not one experiment with my asian food.

Chicken-steak is spongy and comes accompanied by friend rice and cabage. Recently I have been having doubts as to whether it is really chicken or worst yet steak. Because chicken normal is not all that spongy. I found a bone in it once in the 8 or more times. It may take a couple more weeks before I figure it out exactly. Sweet and Sour chicken is played out.

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