1. Hmmm, I wonder if their escoveitch fish tastes good? But I would want festival or bammy wit that.

    by Stunner 2009-Jan-20 

  2. Chinese Roasted Chicken sounds nice with macaroni salad. But what's for drink?

    by Dutty 2009-Jan-21 

  3. by owen 2009-Jan-21 

  4. Ah! Their Tuna - Coco Bread Sandwich is BOSS!

    by Tami 2009-Jan-21 

  5. I feel like I just woke up out of a coma. When did Tastee start selling cooked meals, complete with rice and peas? What else did i miss?

    by Gussie 2009-Jan-21 

  6. everybody tun restaurant over night. Jucci Beef in NK have VIP section [hysterical]

    by owen 2009-Jan-23 

  7. Interesting --- global --- advertisement for Tastee on your part!! Hopefully,you are getting remunerated for it. By the way,the menu looks extremely inviting.Nuff respect!!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2009-Jan-22 

  8. I doubt my one picture will even dent their sales but I could do good with a sponsored cheese patty

    by owen 2009-Jan-23 

  9. Bwoy, dem price deh look cheap eeeh? I just buy a curry mutton over here for the equivalent of J$800 and I thought that was reasonable.

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jan-22 

  10. actually those on the high end of lunch prices (non-fast food) here in Kingston

    by owen 2009-Jan-23 

  11. what is Mallah Tofu?

    by Gods Child 2009-Jan-27 

  12. BUMBO! u sure this is a tastee menu? dem ting ya DEAR man!

    by Tami Tami 2009-Feb-03 

  13. mam we don't use that language around here! we only cuss in american

    by owen 2009-Feb-04