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The WickerMan

written by owen, published 2007-Oct-12, comment

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I really don't know what the hell was happening in this movie. All I know is that it doesn't get good until the last 15 minutes when he starts kicking women in the face. 6 out 10 stars for being pointless and confusing.

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mad bull commented: What is wrong with that little girl's eyes? Did the man kick them out? ... read 7 more

Little Miss Sunshine Review

written by owen, published 2007-Oct-08, comment

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A wonderful little movie. Cussing, running, 9 out of 10. I watched it on max.

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tami commented: I didnt like the ending...i expected more ... read 2 more

Blood Diamond Review

written by owen, published 2007-Oct-07, comment

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Blood Diamond is movie that follows the story of a deadly white diamond smuggler (from the titanic) and a clumsy african man (from the gladiator) who tries to save his family from the genocide that was/is happening in africa. The movie carries you along rather briskly while providing moments of nicely done graphic volience and random firing into crowds of people. The blackman is driven by a blind desire to regain something that he lost but luckily he teams up with the luckiest white smuggler in the world and the 2 set off to escape from one impossible situation after the other. Its ties in nicely with that other movie starring Nicolas Cage called "Lord Of War". That girl there has eyes to die for. Lots of running, shooting of defenceless people, some machete play, close calls, insight into world problems, great movie, crazy eyes, simple story 8.5 out of 10. Watched it on HBO.

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300 - movie review

written by owen, published 2007-Mar-19, comment

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300 is everything the you'll expect, pretty graphics, awesome fight scenes, random unnecessary sex, and nudity. What they don't tell you in the trailers is that the movie has a very anti-climatic ending its hard to explain but you'll either forget about it or want your money back after you leave the theatre. All the wheat grass in the fields of Spartan will remind you of The Gladiator, probably too much. So its a story from a comic book. Its pretty, you can wait until it comes out on cable. The story is really simple and people shout alot, you should watch the movie for the action and the action alone. You'll be pissed at the end because of the lame ending but you will be happy with the blood and the gore and the gayness up until right before it ends.

So what is wrong with 300? Its a movie about 300 soldiers but most of the time you'll only see like 20. Regular normal people won't be affected by this but it pissed me the hell off. Its like my mind kept counting the guys on screen for some reason. Its really straight forward, most of the time with no background music which makes it really quiet.

I give it a 7 out of 10. Could have gotten a 8 but I'm never going to watch that movie again so it really doesn't matter. Wait till it comes out on cable.

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willy commented: Readers don't listen to this mad man the movie is great go and watch it in the Theatre it brought me back to primary school where i got my powers from watching a kickass kung fu. I felt invincible wanting to start a fight with anybody that breath and didnt say excuse i loved it and i bet anybody a $1000 that if u watch it you'll love it too. ... read 9 more

Xmen 3 - the last Stand Review

written by owen, published 2006-Jun-04, comment

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The movie was fill with a lone of extra X-men characters this time around. Some mostly useless and others pretty nice. The director/writer often used too many "tells" for example there is a scene when Storm and Wolverine are walking through some fog. Wolverine says "I can hardly see a thing" and Storm replies "I can fix that" and then the director zooms into Storm's face and her eyes turn while then she clears the fog. Stuff like that happens all through out the movie in VERY obvious situations. But in the end it was a very good super hero movie. Rogue does nothing but be a big baby as usual. In fact most of the characters do nothing much but it hard to really make equal use of all the characters in a movie like this. X-men and none x-men fans alike will love its flashiness and massive special effects scenes. There is no Gambit and Wolverine is still unstoppable. A must see. There is a scene after the credits that gives you a LITTLE bit of necessary information about the story - you need to see it but its not worth seeing (does that make any sense? ). I give it a 8 out of 10. Very good movie could be better but no major blunders.

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Stunner commented: I'll just wait for a DVD. ... read 10 more