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The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

written by owen, published 2008-Mar-31, comment

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Is one of those movies from the Viking/Armor/Sword/BattleAxe era. Its one of my favourite old movies from 1999. Simply, funny, sad and so far away that only my imagination or a time machine can reach it. It maybe a turn story - it may not, I didn't look it up. Its about a little girl who sees her mother/sister killed and becomes deeply religious/crazy kinda like in Stigmata. Stars Milla Jovovich, near perfect movie probably her best work.

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Stunner commented: Never watched this movie. I like those movies with hardcore sword and spear fights! Hey I git more Carnival pics! ... read 1 more

Rockaway (2007) Review

written by owen, published 2008-Mar-16, comment

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Rockaway is one of those movies that isn't really exceptional in any particular. Its just a regular army going around killing bad guys who killed his family. Its all been done before but never like this. Its a hardcore ride of bloody merciless killing, thankfully there is no nudity, sex or ill treatment of women. Its a good, bloody movie. 8 out of 10.

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ArYaN commented: I loved this movie... ... read 5 more

The Departed Review

written by owen, published 2007-Nov-10, comment

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Really I don't know about this movie. Its the usual under covercop versus mole in the police force drama thing - with a twist. So it ends up that both sides of the fence start trying to figure out who the other guy is. AND accidentally start sleeping with the same girl. All I'm going to say is that it ends badly but its a wild ride of close calls, murder, voilence and cellphones. A couple unecessary coincidences but its a good rush 8/10. well worth the watch.

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bobby commented: Loved it .. it ends like how i think all gang shows should end everybody dies .. hate "star guys" the just not real ... read 6 more

Mr Brooks Review

written by owen, published 2007-Nov-01, comment

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You'll notice that I don't post reviews of all the movies I watch because I watch too many movies. Everynow and then I slack off and make a mistake. All that I can say about this movie is that its perfect. If your going to be on the other side of the planet for a day you might as well you watch a movie about a serial killer with a invisible friend. A psychological thriller. Most serial killers have one or many but the one that Mr. Brooks has is different. The movie is good, better than good, perfect. Murder, lies, suspense, mistery, a little nudity and sex at the beginning, brutality, blood but not so much that your grand mother will want to turn off the tele, confusing for people who can't handle multiple plot lines, slow sometimes, all star cast, suspense, action - my rating: 10 out of 10.

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mad bull commented: Really? I going to rent it and see if you know what you talking about. [confident] ... read 9 more

The Pursuit Of Happiness Review

written by owen, published 2007-Oct-21, comment

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A nice quiet movie about living on the edge, making ends meet and how to stay healthy in the city. Will Smith spends 70% of the movie running and finding ways of getting himself out of debt. No body dies, no gun fire, gets hit by a car, a couple funny moments. 8 of 10.

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Leon commented: I saw it with my girlfriend. Nice movie. ... read 5 more