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Advertising Jamaica

written by owen, published: 2004-Nov-16, read 4118 times.

Alex commented: Yeah, we could do with more advertising, it is true that in jamaica it seems business owners cut corners to save money, lol ... read 1 more

Good programming practices for web developers

written by owen, published: 2004-Oct-30, read 5156 times.

Arie commented: I can't read other people's code, so all I have is my own. I am building my own library of commonly used functions, classes and regular expressions. Never trust user input. Last but not least keep names consistent (ie. same prefixes, same language, etc) and develop your own style and stick to it. If you code in the same style all the time, your development and debug times will go down. Not to mention constancy throughout all the pages. ... read 6 more

The Common Denominator of Success

written by alex, published: 2004-Jul-13, read 12489 times.

Brian Johnson commented: Hey Owen. This is Brian from just stopping by to say "thanks" for the link. Very cool. And, nice work on the site. Luvin it. ... read 3 more

The Gmail Conspiracy Theory

written by owen, published: 2004-Jun-27, read 11132 times.

Allen commented: I think you might be on to something there, Owen. ... read 37 more

Review Nintendo Game Boy Advance

written by owen, published: 2004-Apr-08, read 5287 times.

Susan commented: My Daughter has a game boy advance and the games are so expensive. C U L8R. x x x ... read 36 more