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How to tell if you are an IT person

written by owen, published: 2007-Nov-25, read 3496 times.

bobby commented: This list defines a geek and a nerd in one.... "gerd" then again who am i to talk don't know jack shyte bout anything or nothing ... guess that makes me just a thought oh well .. who cares ... read 14 more

Quick: How to setup and run php-apache on win2k sp4

written by owen, published: 2007-Jul-01, read 4232 times.

Gene find triggers baldness hope

written by mad bull, published: 2007-May-22, read 12460 times.

Trouble commented: Hmmm, I'm not sure I want mouse-hair on my head per se... But thanks for the heads-up MB... [hysterical] ... read 8 more

The System Layer (Tech)

written by owen, published: 2007-Apr-23, read 4739 times.

Gods Child commented: owen this essay is hard is it for a presentation? regular people like me can't understand this type of thing and what's all this about rabbits? All I can think is Alice in Wonderland and how they say the guy who wrote that was smoking when he wrote it. [confused] ... read 13 more

The Sweetest Taboo (Explanation of blog post)

written by owen, published: 2007-Jan-14, read 15229 times.

gods child commented: yoy that is long. was right about the Sheryl Crow. Didn't pick up the citizen cope or much else 4 that matter. kicking self. next time u come 2 tha bronx give a holler ... read 13 more