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Getting started in computer programming

written by owen, published: 2005-Apr-13, read 5131 times.

alex commented: I agree, especially with step 3, you dont have to rush, even when you have people like owen who have made php skills and you feel like you need to get to that level yesterday. As owen says "Rome wasnt built in a day" IF you rush your self youll get overwhelmed and quit, or have tons of unfinished projects hanging around the place like me. ... read 3 more

How to think like a programmer

written by owen, published: 2005-Mar-29, read 5527 times.

Arie commented: Getting the entire program (in my case webapps) in your head is indeed impossible with big apps. I usually get the big outlines in my head first and from there I start "scuplting" the software. Reusing structures allways helps too. Not necesarily the exact code, but just the way it is build up. ... read 4 more

Software Programming Patterns

written by owen, published: 2005-Jan-26, read 4734 times.

sandeep thakur commented: i don't think practibility of this logic in real cases ... read 4 more

Online Infidelity or Cyber affair

written by Daimion, published: 2004-Dec-07, read 5249 times.

robert commented: this is somethin that has happend to me so i think it is good to let people "in on" what is taking place online. this is a good article ... read 4 more

Database design for web developers

written by owen, published: 2004-Nov-24, read 11398 times.

Alwyn Taylor commented: A very interesting piece. May even save people a lot of time when creating web application. The things you highlighted are things I've seen people do ever so often, especially when I was going to school. Going to send the link to some of those peeps right now. ... read 67 more