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The Voting Bathroom Analogy

written by owen, published: 2006-Nov-09, read 4100 times.

owen commented: I don't think the starving children in africa have car washs. ... read 5 more

The Bleach Incident

written by owen, published: 2006-Feb-09, read 6206 times.

mad bull commented: Good point. Since I am always cleaning ;) and I know a lot of cleaners, I will mention it to them. ... read 15 more

How to build a heirarcy with one query

written by owen, published: 2005-Nov-19, read 3944 times.

alex13 commented: well i suppose if the list is huge, u still have the option of caching the tree, well depends on how often you need to use it and how often the data changes. i dont know if u consider caching a bad thing. ... read 4 more

Standard ASP .NET Namespaces

written by KMT, published: 2005-Oct-29, read 4189 times.

ASP .NET 1.1 Repeater - rock star hack

written by owen, published: 2005-Sep-26, read 13541 times.