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virtual insanity

written by owen, published 2004-Apr-28, comment

shade commented: jamiroquai useless indeed. ... read more

provincial digi-freak

written by owen, published 2004-Feb-22, comment

shade commented: but you could make a java scrpt so that it would send you emails... ... read 3 more

death by lack of sleep

written by owen, published 2003-Oct-23, comment

Mike commented: you hit the nail on the head, my friend. Nightclubs are totally out of the question. It's also a good idea to schedule your insomnia days around the days off you have from work, as I failed to do today...I'm gonna be in a daze all night. ... read 7 more

Windows suck

written by owen, published 2003-Oct-13, comment

Slade commented: Fair enough, but where else do we go with it? I suppose you could still head back for a text-only system, or are you thinking about some hardwired-brain interface thingie? ... read 1 more

The Seeker

written by owen, published 2003-Sep-09, comment