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New Google WebBrowser Released Review

written by owen, published 2008-Sep-03, comment

Tami commented: Better than Firefox? I think the new Mozilla is a waste of Porgrammer time. It isnt at all enticing but i cant seem to get back my FF. Gonna try out chrome and see where it takes me. ... read 4 more

The new facebook design

written by owen, published 2008-Aug-05, comment

marangand commented: mine too..... [upset] ... read 5 more

Old School: Turbo Pascal 7 GUI

written by owen, published 2008-Jun-07, comment

SantoCrator commented: Hello, Please upload source codes in other server? ... read 2 more

My Vista Rant

written by owen, published 2008-Jun-02, comment

owen commented: Window2000 forever! ... read 6 more

Medal of Honor Heros 2 Wii Review

written by owen, published 2008-Jan-27, comment

Mad Bull commented: Buy your copy? Smart!!! [confident] ... read 2 more