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Can 3-D save the cinemas?

written by owen, published 2011-May-27, comment

owen commented: yeah the plot was pretty weak but I think there are some people who cannot see in 3d ( or the movie version of 3d ) ... read 3 more

iPhone 4 sucks - a Rant

written by owen, published 2010-Jun-08, comment

JB commented: "A SD card slot basically doubles the lifespan of any device that has one." – Why the hell should that be??? "But a hi-res screen is only going to make you use up more memory storing/looking-at big-ass images." – Not necessarily. That also depends on how the images are compressed. "Seriously, who has time to be recording and upload those big-ass HD movie files?" – Obviously more than you think! "Why the old iphones can't do it is very puzzling." – They can, soon as the new OS comes out. For free. "So now I have to be always connected to the net so I can use my free applications?" – Who told you that? Nobody. My head almost explode while reading this uninformed bullshit. Let's get to the point: You're just pissed off because you can't afford it. Right? ... read 5 more

So Fly with my MicroTac

written by owen, published 2010-May-20, comment

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review/Rant

written by owen, published 2010-Mar-26, comment

Little pig, little pig, let me in

written by Karl, published 2010-Feb-17, comment