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written by owen on 2004-Apr-28.

Clearly I have been spending far too much time on this computer addiction/geek feast/lord of all things software lifestyle. No warning on the box whatsoever. Multiple projects gone incredibly out of scope, problems here, problems there, updates, improvements, optimizations - all out geek dom. Roses really smell like boo-boo-booo? I need a vacation.
Probably I should become a fireman or something outdoorsy, save some people from themselves or there own bitter stupidity. Get my hands dirty. Or maybe I should put forward my plans towards becoming president of my dear little island nation (if it survives) eventually taking over the world and killing every single terrorist on the face of the earth - really. Clearly somebody or everybody over at cnn has something up their but normally excessively devoted to one faction. Should still be a time enough for me to write a record, get eminem and dr dre to produce it, go plat, win a grammy and crash my 50,000 dollar H2.
I need to get out to mingle with the other people not in my instant messenger window, hiding in the chatroom or obsessing over useless information. I should dust of my radio and start listening to none mp3 based music in my ever open media player. Get drunk, get some sleep read a book, dooce's baby and get complicated.

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  1. jamiroquai

    useless indeed.

    by shade 2004-Apr-29