1. that extraordinary machine that is the human body. in the right light. with just enough baby oil rubbed in.

    by Island Spice 2006-Oct-13 

  2. grace

    by Faith 2006-Oct-14 

  3. curvature.... in the right place. and i'm more of an Asset guy than breasts so its gotta be hips and ass.

    by taylor 2006-Oct-14 

  4. That sparkle in the eyes.

    by Hayo 2006-Oct-14 

  5. sequin espadrille sandals

    by owen 2006-Oct-14 

  6. fishnet stockings... thongs.... sh*t like that.

    by mad bull 2006-Oct-15 

  7. Sexy is dripping water from an ice cube down the still of a guys' back. Sexy is the mystery that lies under the over the knee skirt.
    sexy is the rippling of the tongue
    sexy is the warmth you feel within

    by Kash 2006-Oct-19 

  8. A well chisled body

    by Yamfoot 2006-Oct-25