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written by owen on 2019-Jul-29.

I missed writing these odes to my coy princess but there is not enough time in the day. Or too much time - I am not sure. Nowadays there are easier distractions in which I might fall helplessly causing me to not pay pitance to the primary hobbies in life. Nothing is important or everything is important. We push on.

I was talking to someone who wanted to get into computing and "technology is changing the world etc. etc." Switch careers. And I told them to buy a book. Then I realized - after some point in the convo - that they like going to and being in school. I mean THEY REALLY LIKE BEING IN SCHOOL. All the time. If it makes you happy...

Everyone lives in their own world and their world lives with-in them. We are just getting by entertaining ourselves until at some point when the entertainment is not enough. You cannot see love through someone else's eyes - you just have to hope that they are satisfied with the eternal state of transition that is life. Change is certain like sand in an hour glass.

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