Diving Woman

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written by owen on 2019-May-23.

Controlling your own emotions is one of those things which let you live from day to day. It becomes more and more difficult the more factors that are involved. Hell is other people. You cannot have it all and all that you have is not a substitute for what you will become in the future. You are not in control of your future or the rain or the stars in the night sky.

I have been spending money at a rapid pace in the past couple months and yet still more to spend. Like trees in the rain forest still more to cut down. Never been upset at the things you survive - they are lessons that you should learn. Monkeys fall out of trees a lot before they learn to fly. Unless...

I need to finish up some drafts that I have waiting but it takes so long to put new words to paper that sometimes I leave them to simmer in my inbox hoping that I get a clearer picture before I drop it on deaf ears. The things your survive.

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